Own beer for the company: FUKKNICE Eka Kalja 5.2% IPL with a customized label

Strengthening the company's brand is a continuous effort, where creativity and distinctiveness are of great importance. One unique way to stay in the minds of your customers or even your employees is to create your own beer for the company with your own label. Own beer with its own label offers an opportunity to convey the company's story and values ​​in a completely new way. Beer can reflect the company's roots, values ​​or, for example, the cultural heritage of the region. In addition, it is an excellent conversation starter and souvenir at events, trade fairs or in the company's own store.

Your brand's party drink: Not just your own beer, but FUKKNICE!

However, designing your own beer or brewing it yourself is quite a laborious process. There's thinking about the beer recipe, choosing the brewery, designing the label, taking care of licensing issues... Fortunately, we have a solution available!
Imagine your company logo on the label of the FUKKNICE Eka Kalja 5.2% India Pale Lager bottle - now we're talking about branding with a bubbly character! When you transform this already great drink into your own corporate beer, complete with a customized label, you add a.. touch to the look of your company.

Contact us today and let's customize FUKKNICE beer for your company together!

Raise a toast to your company: FUKKNICE has its own twist!

Why settle for the usual, when you can raise a toast to your own, unique beer that exudes "us" at your company events? Imagine: your logo playfully placed among FUKKNICE's iconic label. It's your story, bubbling with every corkscrew!

At the source of creativity: a label that tells your story

Dive into the cup of creativity and let your brand's personality bubble out with your customized label. Whether it's a witty quote, a touch of your signature color or a twist on the FUKKNICE design - make it unmistakably yours.

Bubbly marketing: your brand in the drink

What's better than word of mouth marketing? Mouth-to-mouth marketing, of course! Each customized bottle is more than a drink; it's a conversation starter, a memorable takeaway and a symbol of your brand's coolness.

Shall we start this party?

So, are you ready to jump into the world of personalized pints? With FUKKNICE Eka Kalja, you don't just serve beer; you create the experience. Let's make your next business event unforgettable and legendary!

Contact us today, and let's customize FUKKNICE beer for your company together!