FUKKNICE Eka Kalja India Pale Lager 5.2%

India Pale Lager Eka Kalja is a new arrowhead developed by FUKKNICE in the war against the tyranny of apples. This beer tuned to its peak at Karvila Brewery is suitable to save your day today as well as tomorrow.

Eka Kalja is always the best. That's enough for a serving recommendation. For connoisseurs, hops in this India Pale Lager: Ariana, Idaho 7, Simcoe, Magnum.

Taste ratings

Untappd - 3.73/5

Olutkellarir - " Works well. "

Loppasuut - " The first pot tasted good and its dockability is right, as the label promised. Really FUKKNICE! ".

Tuopillinen - " The mouth screams for another hop, which is probably the best feature of this kind of beer. "

Check your nearest bar offering FUKKNICE!

Currently, FUKKNICE Eka Kalja India Pale Lager 5.2% can be found in the following cups or barbers:


Bar Llamas , Iso Roobertinkatu 14 00120 Helsinki
Bar Loosister, Hämeentie 50, 00500 Helsinki
Brooke , Fleminginkatu 13 00530 Helsinki
GROOM Garage , Eerikinkatu 33 00180 Helsinki
Groom Rööperi , Ratakatu 1 00120 Helsinki
Solmu Pub , Vaasankatu 8 00500 Helsinki
The Riff , Iso Roobertinkatu 3 00120 Helsinki


Hönö , Puutarhakatu 21 33210 Tampere

Why is Eka Kalja FUKKNICE?

FUKKNICE = freshness + taste

We wanted to develop a beer that was easy to drink but still had enough flavor. The freshness and taste of Ekan Kalja are like two best friends who cannot be apart from each other. Together they are a perfect combination.

The style of Eka Kalja is India Pale Lager. India Pale Lager (IPL) is a type of beer that has gained popularity in the beer market in recent years. It originates from the Indian influence on British beer that was transported to the Indian colonies in the 1800s. The IPA beer style is known for its strong hops, but India Pale Lager is a slightly lighter and fresher version of IPA, which is made using the fermentation process of lager beer.

FUKKNICE Eka Kalja is an excellent example of India Pale Lager. Its fresh taste and light hopping make it easy to drink, but at the same time full of flavor and aroma. FUKKNICE Eka Kaljaa is made using Ariana, Idaho 7, Simcoe and Magnum hop varieties. If you don't know what these hop varieties are, that's okay. It is enough for general knowledge that they are like superheroes in the world of beer.

India Pale Lager is a great choice for those who like the strong taste of an IPA, but still want to enjoy a fresh and lighter beer. It's also a good choice for those who don't like traditional lagers but are still looking for something lighter than an IPA.

Try FUKKNICE Eka Kalja and enjoy its fresh and delicious taste! Its You can honestly raise your glass and say, "This beer is FUKKNICE!"