Dockability, i.e. evaluation of the drinkability of FUKKNICE beer

Welcome to read the general education content of our blog. This article is about dockability , which you may have already noticed on the label of FUKKNICE Eka Kalja IPL beer .

What is "docability" and what does it mean in the context of FUKKNICE?

"Dokability" is a Finnish term used to describe the easy drinkability of beer. The word is made up of the words "doka" (easy) and "ability" (drinkability). Although the concept of dockability may seem subjective, the ease of drinking beer is influenced by several objective factors, such as alcohol content, degree of bitterness, carbonation and flavor profile.

Dockability calculation formula and its variables

To calculate dockability, we can use the attached calculation formula, which takes into account several variables and the interactions between them. Here is one possible formula:
dockability = ((0.6 x alcohol content) + (0.2 x taste points) + (0.1 x carbonation points) - (0.3 x bitterness points) + (0.2 x alcohol content x taste points) - (0.1 x alcohol content x bitterness points) + (0.05 x flavor points x carbonation points) - (0.02 x alcohol content x carbonation points) - (0.01 x bitterness points x carbonation points)) / 5

Explanation of the docibility formula: The weight of the variables and their importance in the evaluation of drinkability

In this formula, alcohol content, taste points, carbonation points and bitterness points are measured on a scale of 1-10. The formula is designed to give more weight to alcohol content and flavor, as these are the factors that most affect the drinkability of beer.
The formula also takes into account the interactions between these variables. For example, a beer with a high alcohol content and a strong taste may be easier to drink than a beer with the same alcohol content but a weaker taste. On the other hand, a beer with a high bitterness score may be less easy to drink, regardless of its alcohol content or taste.

Interpretation of docability results: Higher vs. lower values

With the help of the calculation formula, we can create a calculated value for dockability that takes into account all the complexity of the interactions of the sub-areas related to doability. A higher dockability score indicates an easier to drink beer, while a lower score indicates a beer that may be more challenging to enjoy. Of course, personal taste preferences also affect the drinkability of a beer, but this formula provides a useful starting point for establishing the dockability of different beers.
FUKKNICE is known for its dockability 10/10. Go to your nearest bar serving FUKKNICE for a peer review or send a product request to your local store!